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"Transport and Logistics-2019" in Minsk

"Transport and Logistics-2019" in Minsk


 Group of Companies Gradalogistic will take part in the annual International specialized exhibition "Transport and Logistics-2019" and a number of business events in the main areas of development of the transport and logistics system of the Republic of Belarus, which will be held in Minsk starting October 1st to 3rd.

 The main theme of this year at the exhibition is the development of the market of transport and logistics services, improving the safety of transport activities. Conference "Digitalization of international container traffic"; plenary session “Current Trends in the Development of Transport and Logistics Systems: National and World Experience” and many other business events will take place during the transport week. You can find them on the organizers website.

 The group of companies will be represented by stand number 10.

 Having a large partner base and experience in working with a wide geography of transportation, specialists of the Group of Companies Gradalogistic will help you to choose the most rational transportation route for the shortest time and within your budget. 

 We help you to follow the chosen course, and we hope it will lead to our company!