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Containerization process is inevitable

Containerization process is inevitable


 Every day the number of goods transported in containers is growing. The development of the topic of container trains is becoming increasingly relevant.

 A container train is a train consisting of containers, about 57 units (the conditions should be specified for each country). The train makes the minimum number of stops along the route, stopping only at the main stations. The document processing scheme is simplified. Container trains cross the Silk Road from China to Europe in 14-16 days.

 Gradalogistic in Minsk acted as the operator of the container train Hamburg-Brest-Naushki-China and in the opposite direction for the company-owner of rolling stock Maxima Logistics LLC. The following the procedures were organized in Brest: container overload, storage of broad gauge platforms, processing of invoices, processing of container trains, payment of freight charges and other necessary additional fees. It took several hours to reload an entire container train from 57 conventional units thanks to the updated capabilities of the container terminal in Brest.

Gradalogistic Minsk will be happy to help you organize transportation within the container train.