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Multimodal (container) logistics

Multimodal (container) logistics

Basic Service

  • Consulting, elaboration of transport logistics, calculation of tariffs
  • Coordinating the line, delivery time, containers’ supply
  • Freight forwarding to ports of departure, and from ports of destination
  • Organization of freight forwarding
  • Monitoring the passage of cargo at the port
  • Informing on cargo location
  • Ground delivery
  • Contracts with shippers
  • Unstuffing services at the ports of destination
  • Filling in the  financial guarantee
  • Return of containers 
  • Assisting in elimination of cargo delay causes


Additional service

  • Translation of documents
  • Monitoring  of documents
  • Assisting in insurance procedures
  • Customs brokerage services
  • Cargo storage in ports
  • Assisting in independent expertise 
  • Providing with financial garrantees for forwarded cargo
  • Survey services
  • Photographing the cargo and vehicles during customs inspection or stuffing