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Management and staff

Management and staff

Damaschin Veacheslav

General Director of JV Gradalogistic Group SRL, Chisinau

Higher pedagogical education, Master of Business Administration MBA (Grenoble Graduate School of Business, France). Year of birth: 1965, is married, has two children (son and daughter).
20 years of experience in transportation and logistics, from exports engineer at a large manufacturing company to high executive positions at freight forwarding companies in Moldova.

Since 2000 Mr. Damaschin is CEO of Joint Venture Translogistic SRL, Chisinau, Republic of Moldova, rebranded now as Joint Venture Gradalogistic Group SRL, since 2009.

Belescu Vitaliy

General Director of Gradalogistic J.S.C., Chisinau

Higher economic education, Master of Business Administration MBA (Newport International University), year of birth: 1977, married, has two children (son and daughter).
From 2000 to 2007 he worked his way from manager in logistics department to logistics deputy director in “Transservice-M” company, Chisinau, Moldova.

In the period from 2007 to 2010 he is Deputy Director, Director of Development and Corporate Governance in JV Gradalogistic Group SRL. From 2010 to 2013 he is Executive Director of Gradlogistic SA. From 2013 Mr. Belescu is CEO of Gradalogistic SA. He possesses such features as purposefulness, responsibility, analytical mind and creative approach in decision making. Speaks fluently Romanian and English.

Devlish Vitaliy  

General Director of LLC «Gradalogistic», Odessa

Higher economic education, year of birth: 1975, married, has two children (son and daughter).
He possesses vast experience in logistics administration, including the implementation of logistic systems in large companies from the very beginning, logistics budget calculation, the organization of shipping network, the organization of new warehouse distribution centers, management of large storage complexes. He worked his way from manager in logistics department in freight forwarding company "TRANSSERVICE-MAXIMUM", Odessa/ Chisinau to logistic director of big trade company. Among the achievements –  development and realization of effective mechanism of distribution and product shipping by “door to door” deliveries; organization  and implementation of optimal logistics schemes of cargo shipping to CIS, Baltic States, Europe and Central Asia. Also has an experience in managing large teams. From 2009 Mr. Devlysh is CEO of Gradalogistic LLC, since its founding.

Sokolova Galina

Director of Foreign Venture «Gradalogistic», Minsk

After graduating in 1977 the Belarusian Institute of Railway Engineers with the speciality "Railway Operation" she worked at the Headoffice of the Belarusian Railway and at the freight forwarding company "Belintertrans" (1992-2004).

Since December 2004, she is Deputy Director of the Foreign Private Transport Unitary Enterprise "Translogis", now rebranded as Foreign Venture "Gradalogistic." Since June 2014 Mrs. Sokolova is Acting Director of Foreign Venture "Gradalogistic." Since January 2015 Mrs.Sokolova is Director of Foreign Venture "Gradalogistic".