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Corporative goals, values and company mission

Corporative goals, values and company mission

Gradalogistic Group mission is to create a competitive advantage in the business of our customers, striving for excellence in solving logistic problems of any complexity.

Gradalogistic Group corporative values:

  1. Purposefulness supposes that the achievement of goals is the essential condition for successful development of the company in the long-term perspectives. We are aiming at successful solving of objectives and needs of our clients. Our team is aiming at continuous improvement of its professional skills.
  2. Competence assumes application of various tools on a personal level, on the midlevel and company’s top level, as well as on a company’s group level for the optimal solution of specific problems, so that the results are fully consistent with the requirements and needs of clients and our own high standards of quality;
  3. Innovativeness underlines our ability to opportunely implement innovation at all levels, which strategically provides a competitive advantage for our customers and the increased competitiveness of our group of companies;
  4. Correctness is a fundamental component of our style in relationship with our customers, partners and within the staff team;
  5. Care as a value means  attention of the company to the needs of the company’s staff and to the needs of each other in interpersonal relations as well as overall company's attention to the needs of our customers, which are transformed into specific actions in order to meet them;

Gradalogistic Group corporate goals:

  • The strategic company goal is to explore new markets, diversifying core business activities, ensure reliability and quality of services provided.
  • The most complete identification of the unique needs of our clients and rendering  high quality range of services that best meet identified needs;
  • Successful long-term operation and development of “Gradalogistic” companies in a constantly changing business environment;
  • Strengthening market position and expansion of the range of provided logistics services on the national and international markets;
  • Company’s staff team formation and development as our main value.