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Operation сompany in Belarus

Operation сompany in Belarus

FV «Gradalogistic»


UNP 190482826


Date of formation: September, 2003.


Quantity of employees: 16 persons.



It renders transport-forwarding services on transportation of any kinds of cargoes on cars, containers by rail on territory of the CIS, on ports of the Baltics, the EU countries, Central Asia, China.

It has direct contracts with administrations of railways of Belarus, Baltic, partner relations with forwarding structures in other countries. 

The member of the International Federation of Forwarding Associations "FIATA" and Associations of the International Forwarders and Logistics "BAME".


220030, Minsk, Belarus, 

11 Nezavisimosti ave., building 2, оf. 515

Tel/fax: + 375 017 206 77 82

Tel/fax: + 375 017 257 29 86